Go And Dig My Grave Today

Go and dig my grave today!
Weary of my ceaseless roaming,
Now from earth I pass away,
Heav’nly peace awaits my coming,
Angel voices from above
Call me to their rest and love.

Go and dig my grave today!
Homeward now my journey tendeth,
And I lay my staff away
Here where all earth’s labour endeth,
And I lay my weary head
In the only painless bed.

What is there I yet should do
If in this dark vale I linger?
Proud our schemes, and fair to view,
Yet they melt beneath Time’s finger
Like the sand before the wind,
That no power of man can bind.

Farewell, earth, then! I am glad
That I now in peace may leave thee,
For thy very joys are sad,
And thy hopes do but deceive thee;
Fleeting is thy beauty’s gleam,
False and changing as a dream.

Sun and moon and stars so bright,
Farewell all your golden splendour!
Here I loved you, but your light
Gladly will I now surrender,
For the glories of that day
Where ye all must fade away.

Farewell, O ye friends I love!
Though awhile ye journey grieving,
Comfort cometh from above
To the hearts in Christ believing;
Weep not o’er a passing show,
To th’ eternal world I go.

Weep not that the world I leave,
Mourn not that I am exchanging
Errors that here closely cleave,
Empty ghosts and shadows ranging
Through this world of nought and night,
For a land of truth and light.

Weep not! dearest to my heart
Is my Saviour, He doth cheer me;
And I know that I have part
In his pains, and He is near me;
For He shed His precious blood
For the whole world’s highest good.

Weep not, my Redeemer lives!
From the dust, Hope ever vernal
Looks to Heaven and upward strives;
Fearless Faith and Love eternal
Now are softly whispering nigh,
“Child of God, fear not to die!”