Go And Labor Today

“Go and labor today,” ’tis the Master’s command,
And there’s work to be done upon ev’ry hand,
For the rich and the poor, for the great and the small;
Let no idlers be found: to the work, one and all.

Upon the King’s bus’ness are we,
Upon the King’s bus’ness are we;
Let us labor and pray, winning souls while we may,
For upon the King’s bus’ness are we.

With a passion for souls and a love for the lost,
We would seek them today, whatsoever it cost;
For the harvest is great and the lab’rers are few,
And the work is entrusted to me and to you. [Chorus]

On our right and our left, ev’rywhere they are seen,
As they once thronged the way of the blest Nazarene;
Our commission is plain, we must go in his stead,
And must tell of the blood which for sinners was shed. [Chorus]

As ambassadors here for our Savior and Lord
We must hasten away with the life-giving word,
Lest for want of the reapers the harvest should waste,
And because the King’s bus’ness requireth haste. [Chorus]