Go And Preach The Gospel

“Go and preach the Gospel,
Preach in ev’ry land,
Preach to ev’ry creature,”
Was the Lord’s command.
Doing His commandment
In the ends of time;
Let us bear the tidings
Unto ev’ry clime.

We are Christian workers,
A united band,
A united band,
A united band!
We are Christian workers,
A united band,
Loyal to the cause of Christ,
And for Christ we stand!

Long ago these tidings
To the world were told,
Unto wond’ring shepherds,
Watching by their fold;
O’er Judea’s meadows
Angels sang to them;
“Peace, good will, a Savior
Born in Bethlehem.”

“Peace, good will, a Savior
For a fallen race!”
Oh, such blessed tidings
From God’s throne of grace!
Midnight song of angels,
Jesus’ last command:
“Go and preach the gospel,
Unto ev’ry land.”

We are willing workers
In the Sunday-School,
Lab’ring for the Master
And His golden rule;
Ware are Christian Soldiers,
Christ our Captain is;
Ours be all the service,
All the glory His.