Go Evangelize The Nations

Go evangelize the nations,
Offer Christ, the Crucified;
Show the cross on bleak Golgotha,
Where He suffered, bled and died.
Tell of the vinegar, gall, and the spear,
Tell how the sun hid, earth shook with fear;
How He endured the cruel mocking and shame,
That sinners might claim salvation in His name.

Go and tell the good news, Christian,
To each brother, sister, child,
Of a gracious God who loves them,
Of a Savior meek and mild;
Death is destroyed, and our paradise won,
For those who love and trust in the Son;
Though guards were set, and the stony grave sealed,
Now Heav’n is unlocked, our home with God revealed.

Do not hesitate, but go now,
Far and wide proclaim the sound,
In the city, market, household,
To wherever man is found;
Warn of a judgment close looming beyond,
Tomorrow may be too late for some;
Come to Him now, while His pardon is free,
Take hold of His promise, claim His liberty.