Go Forth In The Highway And Bid To My

Go forth in the highway, and bid to my banquet,
Behold! it stands ready today;
The chosen have tarried, bring hither the needy,
That throng in life’s busy highway.

Now all things are ready, the Master says, “Come,”
The whole world is bidden, and yet there is room,
The whole world is bidden,
The whole world is bidden,
The whole world-and yet there is room.

Then quickly the servants went out from their Master,
His message with gladness they told;
And in from the highway the needy came flocking,
His mercy and love to behold. [Refrain]

O way-worn and weary, despise not the message
That sounds in life’s busy highway;
Reject not His mercy, the Saviour stands waiting-
The banquet is ready today. [Refrain]