Go Forth To The Work Tis The Saviors Com

Go forth to the work, ’tis the Savior’s command;
And, trusting His everlasting name,
Go our over mountain and valley and plain,
His grace and His mighty love proclaim;
Where souls in the dreary night of darkness are dwelling,
In distant islands of the sea,
Go ye with loving heart, and joyfully tell them,
Jesus alone can make them free.

Onward, onward, Jesus leads the way!
Faithful unto Him we’ll be ev’ry day;
Joyfully we will go,
Thro’ all the world below,
Till ev’ry soul shall Christ the Savior know.

Go forth to the work, ever valiant and true,
For God and His kingdom take your stand;
Go publish the tidings, “Salvation is free,”
Till peace reigneth over sea and land;
Till hearts bowed in bitterness can smile thro’ their weeping,
Cease from their grief and gladly sing;
Till ev’ry knee shall bow before Him adoring,
And ev’ry heart shall own Him King. [Refrain]

Rejoice, and be glad, for the day draweth nigh,
When kingdoms of earth shall own His sway;
When truth, like a mantle, shall cover the earth,
And sorrow and sighing flee away.
O shout “hallelujah” to Jehovah Almighty!
Let ev’ry heart a tribute bring;
Shout “hallelujah,” to the Savior forever!
Let all the earth with gladness ring. [Refrain]