Go Forward Is The Challenge

Go forward! is the challenge word the Master gives today;
This is the time for courage, and boldness is the way!
A life of service now awaits; the Master sends us all;
Who volunteers his life, his all, as answer to the call?

We go, in this new era day, nor fear the foe!
Go forward! is the watchword of the King whom we obey!
No fear, no pow’r, nor thing, nor space
Can separate us from our King till coronation day.

O hear the Master calling still for volunteers today;
He pleads for lives of service! who will His call obey?
The road is steep, and rugged, too, the battle long and hard;
Who volunteers to go today, if but the Captain’s guard? [Refrain]

To him that overcometh, Christ the King shall give a crown;
On him that shall prove faithful heav’n’s blessings shower down.
To him who bears the burden thro’ the burning midday sun,
To him shall come, in judgment day, the blessed words, “Well done!” [Refrain]