Go Forward Is The Great Command

Go forward, is the great command;
The threat’ning dangers all will yield
To them with earnest heart and hand,
Who mean to die or win the field.

It is the captain’s great command,
Go forward, and the land possess;
Lo, I will be at thy right hand,
To aid, defend, to guide and bless.

The clouds may darken and obscure
The path that leads to victory;
Yet form that path, if naught allure,
Thou shalt emerge triumphantly. [Chorus]

Go forward, e’en tho’ mountains rise
And interpose their forms sublime;
Scale thou their summits, and thine eyes
Shall see from thence that brighter clime. [Chorus]

If ocean’s wild, tempestuous gales
Dash angry waves against thy bark,
With steady helm and well-trimmed sails,
Go forward still straight to the mark. [Chorus]

Tho’ prospects all be blasted quite,
Tho’ friends desert, and hopes decay,
Beyond the darkest clouds there’s light;
Go forward, and behold the day. [Chorus]