Go Forward Soldiers Face The Fight

Go forward, soldiers, face the fight,
Gird well the armor on;
Unfurl your banners for the right,
A vict’ry shall be won
With courage strong be brave and true,
Know not the word defeat;
By faith we’ll push the battle thro’,
And see the foe retreat.

Go forward, still forward,
In Jehovah’s name;
Go forward, Christian soldiers,
The victory proclaim.

Go forth unto the battlefield
In King Immanuel’s name;
Our Leader, brave, goes on before,
Oh, sound aloud his fame!
We’ve left the ways of sin behind,
A warfare has begun;
By faith in God we face the foe,
The battle must be won. [Refrain]

We” never turn to right or left,
“Straight forward” is our cry;
We hasten on, a conq’ring band,
The foe we now defy.
We know we shall receive the prize
When we the vict’ry win;
Press on by faith, O comrade, true,
Amid the battle’s din. [Refrain]