Go Forward The Signal Is Waving Afar

Go forward, the signal is waving afar,
The hosts of the mighty are marshall’d for war;
All clad in their armor so radiant and bright,
And bearing their colors that gleam in the light.

The hosts of the mighty are marching along;
O, hark to their voices, that lift up a song;
All praise to the Father, his name be adored,
Who gives us the vict’ry through Jesus our Lord.

Behold them, behold them as onward they move,
Still turning to Zion their dwelling above;
They follow their leader, and shout as they go,
A crown for the victor, defeat for the foe. [Refrain]

Come join this great army; now rally, and sing
Of Jesus, their glorious Commander and King;
O, haste, let us enter the ranks of the Lord,
And know that we never shall lose our reward. [Refrain]