Go Gather In The Golden Grain

Go, gather in the golden grain, for lo! ’tis harvest time;
The call comes ringing o’er the world from ev’ry land and clime;
The fields are white to harvest, but the reapers-where are they?
UP! for the Lord of harvest calls to work, to work today.

Go, gather in the grain from valley, hill and plain;
Make no delay, the call obey-
Go, gather in the grain.

Go, gather in the golden grain,-a faithful reaper be;
Take down the rusty sickle, for the Lord hath need of thee;
Go out into the highways and the hedges ev’rywhere,
And gather in the precious sheaves that lie neglected there. [Refrain]

Go, gather in the golden grain,-you duty is assigned;
Be faithful in the cause of right-the good of human kind;
Go, speak a word of comfort sweet to some one in distress,
And He who raised the widow’s son, abundantly will bless. [Refrain]