Go In The Strength Of The Master Into Th

Go in the strength of the Master
Into the hovels of sin,
And in the name of our Saviour
Gather the fallen ones in;
Into the field of his mercy,
Ere they have drifted away
Out of your reach, O my brother,
Tell them of Jesus today.

Tell them of Jesus, tell them of Jesus,
Tell them, oh, tell them of Jesus today;
Seek out the lost, oh, seek out the straying,
Tell them of Jesus today.

Go with the wonderful story
Unto each soul astray,
Wand’ring afar from the homeland,
Bring them to Jesus today;
Tell of his mercy so boundless,
Tell of his love all divine,
That thro’ the deepest of sorrows
Still for his children doth shine. [Refrain]

Go in the name of the Saviour,
Bear them the message so sweet;
Jesus will welcome the wand’rer,
Help them to kneel at his feet;
He will receive and forgive them,
Tho’ they have wandered away,
Far from his love and his teaching,
Tell them of Jesus today. [Refrain]