Go Messenger Of Peace And Love

Go, messenger of peace and love,
To people plunged in shades of night;
Like angels sent from fields above,
Be thine to shed celestial light.

On barren rock and desert isle,
Go bid the rose of Sharon bloom;
Till arid wastes around thee smile,
And bear to heaven a sweet perfume.

Go to the hungry–food impart;
To paths of peace the wandered guide,
And lead the thirsty, panting heart
Where streams of living water glide.

Go, bid the bright and morning star
From Bethlehem’s plains resplendent shine,
And, piercing through the gloom afar,
Shed heavenly light and love divine.

Oh, faint not in the day of toil,
When harvest waits the reaper’s hand;
Go, gather in the glorious spoil,
And joyous in his presence stand.