Go On Ye Soldiers Of The Cross

Go on, ye soldiers of the cross,
With courage bold and daring,
Go on by faith in Jesus’ name,
His royal standard bearing.

Go on, go on, go on, go on,
Proclaim the gospel story!
From step to step, from strength to strength,
Go on from grace to glory.

Though dangers lie on ev’ry side,
And coming storms alarm us,
Yet, safe within the Rifted Rock,
No earthly power can harm us. [Refrain]

Go on, go on, and trust in him
Whose eye is beaming o’er us,
Who gives his holy angels charge
To guard the way before us. [Refrain]

Go on, go on with this our aim,
And this our firm endeavor,
To gain at last the sunny shore
And praise our Lord forever. [Refrain]