Go Out In The Hedges And Highways

Go out in the hedges and highways,
Go look thro’ the lane and street,
Go search in the alleys and byways
For tracks of the wand’ring feet;
Go, follow the mandate of Jesus,
Go seek for the erring and lost,
Go bring in the souls He has ransomed
At such a tremendous cost.

Go gather them in, go gather them in,
Those gems for the Master’s crowning;
Like stars they shall shine,
Your jewels and mine,
In the day of our Lord’s returning.

Go out in the world’s storm-swept garden,
Where blasted the blossoms lie,
And gather the fair fading flowers
For mansions beyond the sky;
The seed of the life that’s eternal,
That sleeps in the bosoms of men,
When touched by the breath of the Spirit,
Will bloom into life again. [Refrain]

Go search for the beautiful jewels,
In depths of the darksome mine,
Tho’ sullied with earth and with evil
The Saviour will make them shine;
O worker for Jesus! be earnest,
Bring in all the erring and lost;
Go rescue the souls He has ransomed
AT such a tremendous cost. [Refrain]