Go Proclaim The Wondrous Story

Go proclaim the wondrous story,
Tell how Jesus loved and died,
Till the world, redeemed, shall glory
In a Savior crucified;
Blessed day! ’tis now beginning;
Orient beams adorn the sky;
Glorious triumphs daily winning,
“Victory!” the heralds cry.

Dally not in vain debating;
Men of Israel, to the strife!
Hear the cry of millions waiting,
Asking for the Bread of Life;
Pray and labor, bring your treasure,
Give yourself, if Jesus need;
Let it be supremest pleasure
Hungry souls for Christ to feed.

Up, ye men of God! nor dally;
Consecrate yourselves today;
Round the cross of Jesus rally,
He will lead you to the fray;
To the battle, brave and steady!
“Onward!” be the watchword, “On!”
Crowns and palms for all are ready,
When the final day is won.