Go Quickly Go

Go quickly go, the angelic words repeating,
“Jesus, the Saviour, liveth today!”
Haste with the news, for the hours of day are fleeting,
Oh, tarry not by the way.

Go quickly, in the early morning;
Go quickly, ere it be too late;
Go, tell the weary the “better day” is dawning,
Where they in darkness wait.

Go quickly, go, many precious souls are dying,
Languishing daily in ways of sin;
Hasten, the worlds of eternal freedom crying,
Till life and light enter in. [Chorus]

Go quickly, join ye the loyal ranks, obeying; –
Lovers of Jesus will not refuse;
Lose not the smile of your Father by delaying;
Speed with the blessed news. [Chorus]

Go quickly, (though many still are unbelieving,)
While for the truth in darkness thy pine;
Patiently toil till, their hungry souls relieving,
You win the meed divine. [Chorus]