Go Spread The Tidings Far And Near

Go spread the tidings far and near,
Let all rejoice from shore to shore;
The time has come to live in peace,
When tribes and nations war no more.

Live in peace, war will ne’er settle strife,
Spread the news, O never cease;
Right is might and we have a mighty God,
For His kingdom is of peace.

Go beat in plowshares ev’ry sword,
And into pruning hooks the spear;
Let marshal tread be heard no more,
All nations banish doubt and fear. [Chorus]

Then let the roaring cannon cease,
Stack up the rifles once for all;
Bring in the oceans armor clads,
And stop the bugle’s thrilling call. [Chorus]

God of our nation, unto Thee
We plead for peace in ev’ry land;
May arbitration settle strife,
And lend the weak a helping hand. [Chorus]