Go Tarry At Jerusalem

Go, tarry at Jerusalem, this was the parting word,
Before the op’ning clouds of heaven received the risen Lord;
This faithful band obeyed the call, forsaking friends and home,
They waited day by day in prayer, till Pentecost had come.

Tarry, tarry,
Humbly on his word believe;
For Jesus will baptize with fire,
And pow’r you shall receive.

And then the promise was fulfilled, the Holy Spirit came,
And rested on each trusting one who asked in Jesus’ name;
The symbol sat on ev’ry head, fire burned in ev’ry heart,
The Holy Ghost had come to earth, to never more depart. [Refrain]

The Pentecostal power remains, and in these latter days
He fill our hearts with rapturous joy, our lips with sweetest praise;
Our bodies now the temples are, in which the Spirit dwells,
And gives his light and love divine and ev’ry fear dispels. [Refrain]

Oh, hallelujah, praise the Lord for what his grace has giv’n!
The promise of the Father true, the Holy Ghost from heav’n;
He purifies the heart by faith, and power doth impart
To love and live and toil for him with hand and head and heart. [Refrain]