Good Shepherd Our Leader Provider And Gu

Good Shepherd, our Leader, Provider, and Guide,
who faithfully all of our needs has supplied,
we trust in your goodness, so steadfast and true,
affirming your presence in all that we do.

In days that are troubled and nights that are long,
when we find it hard to discern right from wrong,
when spirits are lowest and broken hearts grieve,
you teach us, encourage us, help us believe.

Whenever our selfishness leads us astray,
you find us, forgive us, and show us the way,
preparing a table for us in this place,
anointing our spirits with life-giving grace.

As long as we live, till the end of our days,
we’ll offer our songs of thanksgiving and praise,
rejoicing, Good Shepherd, that we’re not alone,
for in you, and with you, we’re always at home.