Great Is Jehovah Greatly He Is To Be Pra

Great is JEHOVAH! greatly He
Is to be prais’d on high,
Within the city of our God,
his mount of sanctity.
How beauteously mount Zion stands?
her northern sides how fair?
She is the joy of all the earth;
the great King’s city there!

GOD in her palaces is known
to be a refuge high.
For lo, the kings assembled were,
but pass’d together by.
They saw, and so they marvelled,
they dare not near her stay;
But troubled and affrighted were,
and hast’ned fast away.

Yea then such terror seiz’d on them,
such painful agonies,
As when a lab’ring woman when
her pangs upon her seize.
As when Thou raisest eastern storms
on the tumultuous sea,
Thou didst the ships of Tarshish break
and drive our foes away.


In city of the LORD of hosts,
we see, as we were told
In our God’s city, that our GOD
will ever her uphold. (Selah)
O GOD our tho’ts are oft employ’d
on thy beningity;
But most of all when we are in
thy house of sanctity.
For as thy name, O GOD, so through
the earth extends thy praise;
And thy right hand we know is full
of righteousness always.

O let mount Zion joyful be,
and Judah’s daughters glad;
Because of all thy judgments now,
so wondrously display’d.
Walk forth and compass Zion round,
and all about her go;
Her stately tow’rs distinctly count
and all their numbers know.

Attentively her bulwarks mark,
her palaces view well:
That to the age to come ye may
her strength and beauty tell.
Because this GOD is our’s; our God
For evermore is he;
Therefore our never-failing guide,
He ev’n to death will be.