Great Is Jehovah Let All Creation Bow

Great is Jehovah!
Let all creation bow before him!
Great is Jehovah!
Believe him, worship and adore him!
Nations rejoice
With heart and voice,
For he is King alone,
And we his scepter own.
He holdeth in his hands
The moon and stars-the worlds of his creation;
Wise are his just commands;
The winds are hushed, the waves fulfill his righteous law,
And at his will
The sea is still;
The mountains before him fall,
The desert sands become a habitation;
Worlds tremble at his call;
The sun he guides,
The moon he hides,
And day from night divines.
Great is Jehovah,
Sov’reign of the worlds above,
The King of kings, the everlasting God of love;
Mighty is his hand,
His wisdom who can understand?
Yet in his mercy is a wideness as the sea,
And in his love the measure of eternity.
Holy is his name!
Let men with angels now proclaim!
Hosanna to the King!
Let all in nature sing,
Hosanna unto the King!
Hosanna unto the King!
Hosanna to the King!
Hail! all hail!