Great Is My Need Of Thee

Great is my need of Thee,
Father divine,
Longs all my soul to be a child of Thine.
Within Thy arms of grace
Let me now find a place,
Safe in Thy fond embrace,
Thy will be mine.

Great is my need of Thee,
Deep as my sin
Thy blood of Calvary makes pure within;
From pierced hands and side
Streams forth the cleansing tide,
In me Thou crucified
Thy work begin.

Great is my need of Thee,
Thou know’st it all,
My want and poverty, my faith so small;
her I the world forsake,
This choice I freely make,
Tho’ earth-ties all should break
Thou art my all.

Great is my need of Thee,
Thy grace alone
Saveth eternally, Thy pow’r I own,
Thy love the gulf hath spann’d,
Faith takes Thy outstretch’d hand,
Safe to the better land
Lead Thou me on.