Great Is Our God And Merciful

Great is God, and merciful:
His ev’ry work His pow’r displays;
The earth is of His goodness full;
The seasons celebrate His praise.

O bow ye lowly at His feet,
And come into His courts with fear:
Our God is good, as He is great,
And with His goodness crowns the year.

The seasons in their turn display
His wisdom and His power divine;
The all confess His sov’reign sway,
And in them does His goodness shine.

When in the summer’s heat we faint,
Our Shepherd and our God is near:
He never lets His creatures want,
But with His goodness crowns the year.

He sends the plenteous shower from heaven:
He bids the earth produce us food:
By Him all happiness is given,
And all His works declare Him good.