Great Is Our Redeeming Lord

Great is our redeeming Lord,
In, power, and truth, and grace;
Him, by highest heaven adored,
His Church on earth doth praise:
In the city of our God,
In His holy mount below,
Publish, spread His name abroad,
And all His greatness show.

For Thy loving kindness, Lord,
We in Thy temple stay;
Here Thy faithful love record,
Thy saving power display:
With Thy name Thy praise is known,
Glorious Thy perfections shine;
Earth’s remotest bounds shall own
Thy works are all divine.

See the Gospel Church secure,
And founded on a rock;
All her promises are sure;
Her bulwarks who can shock?
Count! her every precious shrine;
Tell, to after ages tell,
Fortified by power divine,
The church can never fail.

Zion’s God is all our own,
Who on His love rely;
We His pardoning love have known,
And live to Christ and die:
To the new Jerusalem
He our faithful guide shall be;
Him we claim, and rest in Him,
Through all eternity.