Great Is The Boundless Love Of The Savio

Great is the boundless love of the Savior,
And all His mercy is without end;
How can you longer grieve and reject Him?
Quickly admit this wonderful Friend.

Patiently pleading, long interceding,
Jesus is standing at your heart’s door;
No longer grieve Him
Gladly receive Him,
Let Him come in to abide evermore.

Only to ransom, cleanse and redeem you,
Unto this world of sorrow He came;
Long you have spurned His tender entreaties,
Long you have lived in sin and in shame.

Vainly you seek your soul’s satisfaction
Here ‘mid the worldly pleasures of life;
Only in Jesus peace is awaiting,
Only in Him is rest from all strife.

Swiftly the years of mercy are flying,
Soon comes the doom of those who are lost;
Do not persist in longer refusing
Pardoning grace that so much hath cost.