Great Is The Lord Immensely Great

Great is the Lord, immensely great;
Greatly let them his praise confess,
In city of our God who dwell,
That mountain of his holiness.
Mount Zion, joy of all the earth,
Most beautifully scituate;
There the great King, on her north side,
His city built in royal state.

God in her palaces is known
To be a refuge strong, and high.
For, lo! when kings against her came,
They only passed together by.
They came, they saw, they were amazed;
With terror filled, confusedly fled.
As women in their traveling hours,
There were they seized with pain and dread.

So the fierce boisterous eastern winds,
The mid-land sea to fury wrought;
And the proud fleets, from Tarshish coast,
Were into sudden ruin brought.
In city of the Lord of Host,
We’ve seen, what us our fathers told;
God, his loved city, still preserves,
And will, through future times uphold.

Second Part

Therefore, in every new distress,
We, to thy temple, will repair;
Think on thy wondrous grace, O God,
And wait for our deliverance there.
O God, thy praise, through all the earth,
Extends, far as thy name is known;
Thy right hand’s full of righteousness,
As thou hast said, so thou hast done.

O let Mount Zion shout for joy,
And Judah’s daughters loud repeat,
In cheerful songs, thy judgments, Lord;
Which our deliverance did complete.
Through Zion walk, go round her walls,
Her lofty towers number well;
Her forts, and palaces observe,
And to your sons this wonder tell.

This God, who our salvation wrought,
Through every age, will be our God;
He’ll guide us through the vale of death,
To realms where none but saints have trod.