Great Is The Marvelous Mystery Of Grace

Great is the marvelous mystery of grace divine,
Who can describe or explain it? but surely I know ’tis mine;
How can it be that a sinner condemned and by guilt enslaved,
Can thro’ the merits of Jesus’ atonement be saved, be saved?

Marvelous, infinite mercy;
Fathomless, wonderful love,
That unto us bro’t redemption
From Him who reigneth above!
Righteousness fully was satisfied,
Mercy was crowned when the Savior died,
And by the blood flowing from His side,
I’m saved, I’m saved.

Ev’ry demand of God’s righteous law was met one day,
When on the cross Jesus carried my sin and my guilt away;
By no endeavor of mine could my heart be from sin set free;
Only in Christ am I ransomed and saved for eternity. [Refrain]

Great is the marvelous mystery of grace divine;
On ev’ry page of God’s dear, blessed book I can see it shine;
Thanks be to Jesus who made full atonement upon the cross!
Mine was the gain but to Him was the suff’ring and bitter loss. [Refrain]