Great Jehovah King Of Glory

Great Jehovah, King of Glory,
Lord of multitudes unknown,
Let redemption’s song and story
Draw the nations to Thy Throne;
Fill the earth with peace and blessing,
Knowledge of Thy pow’r and love,
Till the world, Thy Christ confessing,
Homeward turn and Heav’n-ward move.

Where the peaks of glist’ning mountain
Flash the morn to vales below,
Where the forest, field and fountain
Mingle in the sunset glow;
‘Neath the nights of starry splendour,
Mid the days of tropic light,
Bid the nations rise and render
Praise and homage to Thy might.

Men of God the call is sounding,
Heed it ye to whom Christ came,
Men of God, with grace abounding,
Speed the Cross in Jesus’ Name.
Wave on high its blazing banner,
Hold it with unfaltering hand
And with glad and high hosanna
Plant the Cross in every land.

Rise, ye women, ’tis the Master
Bids you rise from couch of ease;
Speed His message, speed it faster,
Over heathen lands and seas;
Let the King’s all-glorious daughter,
Robed in raiment wrought in gold,
Tell how Christ has died and brought her
Safe and saved within His fold.

Bare Thine arm, Jehovah, bare it,
Gird Thy sword upon Thy thigh,
Speak until the nations hear it,
Man’s redemption draweth nigh.
See the Son of God, Most Glorious,
Shields them with His Word of flame,
Comes to them with hosts victorious
Calling on His Holy Name.

Great Jehovah! God of Glory,
Lo, the isles await Thy grace,
Nations, newly-born, are waiting
For the shining of Thy face;
Let the song of every nation,
Song of Songs which men shall raise,
Be of Christ the world’s Salvation,
Christ Whom all the world shall praise!