Great Joy And Consolation

Great joy and consolation
I find, O Christ, in Thee,
For Thou art my Salvation,
Thy passion sets me free;
Upon the cross Thy precious blood
Was sacrificed for sinners
To give me peace with God.

Beneath Thy cross I tarry,
O teach me in Thy death
Humbly my own to carry
Along the hallowed path
That Thou for all mankind hast trod
To purchase our salvation
And give us peace with God.

I see Thee serve and labor
In love to save mankind;
So may I help my neighbor
Whom needy I may find;
And though ungrateful he may prove,
O let me not grow weary
In Christlike deeds of love.

And when my days are ended,
And all my struggles cease,
Thine arms I see extended
To give eternal peace.
Whoever here confesses Thee
Shalt Thou confess in glory
Where we shall dwell with Thee.