Great Lord Of All Angels We Adore

Great Lord of Angels! we adore
The grace that builds thy courts below;
And, ‘midst ten thousand sons of light
Stoops to regard what mortals do!

Amidst the wastes of time and death,
Successive pastors thou dost raise,
Thy kingdom and thy truth to spread,
And form a people for thy praise.

At length, dismiss’d from feeble clay,
Thy servants join th’angelic band,
With them through distant worlds they fly,
With them before thy presence stand.

O blest employment! glorious hope!
Sweet lenitive of grief and care!
hen shall we reach those radiant courts,
And all their joys and honours share?

Yet while these labours we pursue,
Tho’ distant from thy heav’nly throne,
Give us a zeal and love like theirs,
And half their heav’n shall here be known.