Great Lord Of All Thy Matchless Power

Great Lord of all, thy matchless power
Archangels in the heavens adore;
With them, our Sovereign, thee we own,
And bow the knee before thy throne,

Let lovely peace with odor’d wing,
On us her grateful blessing fling;
Freedom spread beauteous as the morn,
And plenty fill her ample horn.

Pour on our Chief thy mercies down,
His days with heavenly wisdom crown;
Resolve his heart, where’er he goes,
To walk the way that duty shows.

Over our Capitol diffuse,
From hills divine, thy welcome dews,
While Congress, in one patriot band,
Prove the firm fortress of our land.

Our Magistrates with grace sustain,
Nor let them bear the sword in vain;
Long as they fill their awful seat,
Be Vice seen dying at their feet.

Forever from the western sky,
Bid the “destroying angel” fly!
With grateful songs our hearts inspire,
And round us raise a wall of fire.