Great Lord Of Earth And Seas And Skies

Great Lord of earth, and seas and skies!
Thy wealth the needy world supplies;
On thee alone the whole depends,
Thy care to ev’ry part extends.

To thee perpetual thanks we owe,
For all our comforts here below;
Our daily bread thy bounty gives,
And ev’ry rising want relieves.

The wastes of life thy pow’r repairs,
Thy mercy stills tempestuous cares,
And safe beneath thy guardian arm
We live secur’d from ev’ry harm.

To thee we cheerful homage bring,
In grateful hymns thy praises sing,
Direct to thee our waiting eyes,
And humbly look for fresh supplies.

We still our indigent and poor,
Indebted much, yet lacking more;
On thee we ever will depend,
The rich, the sure, the faithful friend.

And, should thy measures seem severe,
Calmly may we thy chast’ning bear,
Without complaint to thee submit,
Th’ unerring Judge of what is fit.