Great Ruler Of The Earth And Skies

Great Ruler of the earth and skies,
A word of thine almighty breath
Can sink the world, or bid it rise:
Thy smile is life, thy frown is death.

When angry nations rush to arms,
And rage, and noise, and tumult reign,
And war resounds its dire alarms,
And slaughter dyes the hostile plain–

Thy sov’reign eye looks calmly down,
And marks their course, and bounds their power;
Thy law the angry nations own,
And noise and war are heard no more.

Then peace returns with balmy wing;–
Sweet peace, with her what blessings fled!
Glad plenty laughs, the valleys sing,
Reviving commerce lifts her head.

To thee we pay our grateful songs;
Thy kind protection still implore:
Oh, may our hearts, and lives, and tongues
Confess thy goodness, and adore.