Great Shepherd Of Thy Sheep

Great Shepherd of Thy sheep,
Who all Thy flock dost keep,
Leading by waters calm,
Do Thou my footsteps guide,
To follow by Thy side,
Make me Thy little lamb.

I fear I may be torn
By many a sharp-set thorn,
As far from Thee I stray;
My weary feet may bleed,
For rough are paths which lead
Out of Thy pleasant way.

But when the road is long,
Thy tender arm, and strong,
The weary one will bear;
And Thou wilt wash me clean,
And lead to pastures green
Where all the flowers are fair.

Till, from the soil of sin
Cleansed and made pure within,
Dear Saviour, whose I am,
Thou bringest me in love,
To Thy sweet fold above,
A little snow-white lamb.