Great Source Of Being Heavenly King

Great source of Being, heavenly King!
Whose eye my inmost thought surveys,
To thee, with grateful joy, I bring
My tribute of unequal praise.

United to thy chosen flock,
Within thy courts my soul would dwell,
And in thy strength sustain the shock,
Of all the powers in earth and hell.

O send thy spirit from on high,
And let our Church thy blessing prove!
So shall our praises reach the sky,
And every bosom grow with love.

O may our Pastor draw from thee
Daily supplies of heavenly grace!
And may we in thy temple see
Thy glorious presence fill the place!

Then shall our hearts, our lives, our tongues,
Be consecrated to our god;
Our morning prayers our evening songs,
Shall spread thy wondrous love abroad.

The Hartford Selection of Hymns from the most approved authors,