Greet Ye The Nations Starry Flag

Greet ye the nation’s starry flag,
Once more sweet freedom’s story tell;
Let ev’ry head uncovered be-
While rings the independence bell.

Stars and stripes proudly wave to the breeze,
O’er the homeland of the free;
Proudly wave, purity, love and truth-
Emblem of our liberty!

All honor to the flag we love,
And to the heroes who were slain;
To lift it higher, higher still:
Three cheers we’ll give them once again. [Chorus]

And to the boys who lived to tell
Of victories won and conquests gained,
May they true patriots ever be;
And live with characters, unstained. [Chorus]

God of the nation, unto Thee
Our prayers of gratitude we raise,
For life and freedom in our land,
May all be used unto Thy praise! [Chorus]