Guard My Child Thy Tongue

Guard, my child, thy tongue
That it speak no wrong;
Let no evil word pass o’er it;
Set the watch of truth before it
That it speak no wrong.
Guard, my child, thy tongue.

Guard, my child, thine eyes;
Prying is not wise.
Let them look on what is right,
From all evil turn their sight;
Prying is not wise.
Guard, my child, thine eyes.

Guard, my child, thine ear;
Wicked words will sear.
Let no evil words come in
That may cause the soul to sin;
Wicked words will sear.
Guard, my child, thine ear.

Ear and eye and tongue
Guard while thou art young.
For, alas! these busy three
Can unruly members be;
Guard while thou art young
Ears and eyes and tongue.