Guard The Bible Well

Guard the Bible well,
All its foes repel,
The sweet story tell
Of the Lord;
Guard what God revealed,
As our sun and shield;
Never, never yield
His holy word.

Rouse, then Christians,
Rally for the Bible
Work on, pray on,
Spread the truth abroad;
Stand, then, like men,
In the cause triumphant,
For the Bible is the Word of God.

Book of love divine,
Precious words of Thine,
Let it ever shine
All abroad;
In the Spirit’s might
We must win the fight,
For this Gospel light,
The truth of God. [Refrain]

Shout the Bible song,
Swell the mighty throng,
In the cause be strong,
Of the right;
Look to God in pray’r
When the foe you dare,
And forever wear
His armor bright. [Refrain]

O ye Christian band,
For this Bible stand,
By the Lord’s command,
Ne’er give o’er;
Lead the army on
Till the strife is done,
And the cause is won,
Forevermore. [Refrain]