Guardian Of Pure Hearts And Hearer

Guardian of pure hearts, and Hearer,
Lord, of ev’ry faithful prayer,
In Thy courts one day is dearer
Than a thousand days elsewhere.
Worn with earth’s unrest, how sweet
In Thy temple fair to meet!
There to sing away each sorrow
That from life and toil we borrow!

With the righteous oft it fareth
Here as if his deeds were ill;
Blight fair virtue’s flow’rs impaireth,
Weeds of vice do flourish still;
Joy and fortune haste away,
Friends with friends–how short their stay!
Rachel still her children mourneth,
And her soul from comfort turneth.

But when here devoutly soareth
High the temple-anthem sweet,
Grief grows calm, no plaint outpoureth,
Hearts with holy rapture beat:
Free from earthly clouds, the soul
Presses toward a higher goal,
Takes from hope the comfort given,
Speaks e’en now the tongue of heaven.

O my soul, on wings ascending,
Thou on Salem’s mount shalt rest;
There where cherub-harps are blending
With the singing of the blest;
Let thy note of praise and prayer
To thy God precede thee there,
While e’en yet a careworn mortal,
Still without Thy Father’s portal.

Christians, while on earth abiding,
Let us ever praise and pray,
Firmly in our God confiding,
As our fathers in their day;
Be the children’s voices raised
To the God their fathers praised.
Let Thy bounty, failing never,
Be on us and all forever.

Bless us, Father, and protect us,
Be our souls’ sure hiding-place,
Let Thy wisdom still direct us,
Light our darkness with Thy grace!
Let Thy countenance on us shine,
Fill us all with peace divine.
Praise the Father, Son, and Spirit,
Praise Him all that life inherit.