Guide Us Jehovah

Guide us Jehovah thou art strong and able,
Keep us from wand’ring in the wilds astray;
Paths there are many, we are young and feeble,
Lead us in safety in the narrow way.

Lead us on, lead us on,
By Thy tender mercy,
Lead us on, lead us on,
Saviour kind and true.
Gladly we follow in Thy loving footsteps;
Lead us and guide us all life’s journey through.

Keep us from danger, keep us from temptation,
And from whatever might Thy children harm.
When sorrow cometh, let Thy peace sustain us,
Closely about us clasp Thy loving arms. [Chorus]

Save us, our Father, death is all about us,
Walking at noonday, stealing thro’ the night,
We are so helpless, all our strength is weakness,
Only we trust Thee, save us by Thy might. [Chorus]