Had God Not Come May Isrl Say

HAD God not come, may Israel say,
Had God not come to aid us,
Our enemies on that sad day
Would surely have dismayed us;
For we are but a handful small
Held in contempt and scorn by all,
All men rise up against us.

Their furious wrath, did God permit,
Would quickly have consumed us,
And in the deep and yawning pit
With life and limb entombed us;
Like men o’er whom dark waters roll,
The streams had gone e’en o’er our soul,
And mightily o’erwhelmed us.

Blest be the Lord, who from the pit
Snatched us, when it was gaping;
Our souls, like birds that break the net,
To the blue skies escaping;
The snare is broken–we are free!
Our help is ever, Lord, in Thee,
The God of earth and heaven.