Had Not The God Of Truth And Love

Had not the God of truth and love,
When hosts against us rose,
Display’d his vengeance from above,
And crush’d the conqu’ring foes;

Their armies like a raging flood
Had swept the guardless land,
Destroy’d on earth his blest abode,
And whelm’d our feeble band.

But safe beneath his spreading shield
His sons securely rest,
Defy the dangers of the field,
And bear the fearless breast.

And now our souls shall bless the Lord,
Who broke the deadly snare;
Who sav’d us from the murd’ring sword,
And made our lives his care.

Our help is in Jehovah’s name,
Who form’d the heav’ns above;
He that supports their wond’rous frame
Can guard his church by love.