Had Not The Lord Been Onoursidemayisconf

Had not the LORD been on our side
may Isr’el now confess;
Had not the LORD appear’d for us,
in our extreme distress;
When men against us rsfe, inflam’d
with rage and cruelty;
Like rav’nous beasts they us alive
had swallow’d instantly,

Or like ore’flowing waters, they
had rag’d without controul;
The waters proud, the mighty streams
had overwhelm’d our soul.
Then ever praised be the LORD,
who sav’d from instant death;
And would not give us up a prey
to their devouring teeth.

Our soul escap’d is as a bird
out of the fowler’s snare:
The snare asunder broken is,
and we escaped are.
Our sure and alsufficient help
is in JEHOVAH’s name;
Who all the glorious heav’ns around,
and all the earth did frame.