Had Not The Lord May Israel Say Been Kin

Had not the LORD, may Israel say,
Been kindly pleas’d to interpose;
Had he not then espous’d our Cause,
When furious Men against us rose;
Their Wrath rag’d without Countroul;
Their Spite and Pride o’erwhelm’d our Soul.

But prais’d be our eternal LORD,
Who did deliver us that Day;
Nor to their savage Jaws gave up
Our threat’ned Lives an easy Prey.
Their Mouths were open to devour;
But he redeem’d us by his Pow’r.

Our Soul is like a Bird escap’d
From out the subtle Fowler’s Net;
The Snare is broke, their Hopes are cross’d,
And we at Liberty are set:
Therefore our Trust is in his Name,
Whose Hand both Heav’n and Earth did frame.