Had Not The Lord May Israel Say Been Ple

Had not the Lord (may Isr’el say)
Been pleas’d to interpose;
Had he not then espous’d our cause,
When men against us rose;

Their wrath had swallow’d us alive,
And rag’d without controul:
Their spite and pride’s united floods
Had quite o’erwhelm’d our soul.

But prais’d be our eternal Lord,
Who rescu’d us that day,
Nor to their savage jaws gave up
Our threat’ned lives a prey.

Our soul is like a bird escap’d
From out the fowler’s net;
The snare is broke, their hopes are cross’d,
And we at freedom set.

Secure is his almighty name,
Our confidence remains,
Who, as he made both heav’n and earth,
Of both sole monarch reigns.