Hail Again The Time Of Joy And Gladness

Hail again the time of joy and gladness,
Hear once more the sounds of happy voices rise;
List the songs that swell in mighty chorus
To the King who reigns o’er earth and skies.
Children’s Day, Children’s Day.

‘Tis the Children’s Day, Happy Children’s Day;
Voices singing,
Gladness bringing
On this day
Welcome, Children’s Day,
Happy Children’s Day;
Banish sadness,
Sing with gladness
On this day.

See the throngs of happy, singing children;
See, they march ‘neath flow’ry banners of their King;
Songs arise from many happy voices,
Songs of praise and glad hosannas ring.
Children’s Day, Children’s Day. [Chorus]

‘Tis the time of joyful song and splendor,
Sunshine, birds and flowers cheer the passing days;
Nature smiles and brings, with many voices,
Unto her Creator highest praise.
Children’s Day, Children’s Day. [Chorus]

Hail to him who reigns o’er all victorious,
God of Nature, Lord of Mankind, Prince of Heav’n;
Raise on high the carol of thanksgiving
For the love and mercy he has giv’n.
Children’s Day, Children’s Day. [Chorus]