Hail All Hail The Prince Of Glory

Hail, all hail, the Prince of glory!
Shout for joy, ye saints above!
Tell, O earth, the grand old story
Of Jehovah’s mighty love.

Hallelujah! winds and waters
Send afar the glad acclaim;
Hallelujah! hallelujah!
Praise the Lord Jehovah’s name.

Bring our hearts, a willing off’ring,
Come with songs before his throne;
We are his, for he has made us,-
We are his, and not our own. [Refrain]

Everlasting are his mercies;
Like a rock his promise stands;
Praise from ev’ry living creature
He by sov’reign right demands. [Refrain]

Let our grateful souls adore him
For his kind and gracious care;
Let our grateful souls adore him,
And our lives his truth declare. [Refrain]