Hail Banner Of The Free

Hail, banner of the free,
Thou flag of liberty!
Of thee our songs arise,
Like incense to the skies;
For thee have pray’rs been said,
For thee have tears been shed,
For thee, thro’ strife and blood,
Brave hearts have nobly stood.

Hail, banner of the free,
Wave on from sea to sea!
We love thy stars and stripes,
Oh, flag of liberty.

A nation’s pride thou art,
And dear to ev’ry heart!
Dishonor stains thee not-
On thee behold no blot!
At home, on land or sea,
All nations honor thee;
Thy folds are chaste and pure,
Thine honor is secure. [Refrain]

When carnage sweeps the land
With red and ruthless hand,
When treason sought thy doom,
With cannons’ rattling boom,
Brave hearts did thee sustain
To wave above the slain
Till North, South, East and West,
In unity were blest. [Refrain]