Hail Brightest Happiest Morn

Hail, brightest, happiest morn,
That ever beamed from Heaven!
To us a child is born,
To us a son is given;
Let every heart its homage bring
In honor to the newborn King.

What wondrous love is this!
The Lord of life appears,
And quits the realms of bliss
For this dark vale of tears;
Consents to tread this cursed ground,
Where sin and misery abound.

Does not a ransomed earth
The song of triumph raise,
And hail a Savior’s birth
With loudest notes of praise?
Ah, wretched men! too blind to see
The grace that Heaven designs for thee.

Give us an angel’s tongue,
An angel’s willing mind;
And let Thy name be sung,
Great God, by all mankind;
Let the whole earth with one accord
Confess that Jesus is the Lord.